Uppåkra Archeological Park

The Iron Age settlement in Uppåkra was discovered in the 1930s. In conjunction with the construction of a farmstead in Uppåkra in 1934, parts of skeletons and earthenware vessels were unearthed. A smaller investigation of the site was conducted under the supervision of Bror-Magnus Vifot. At one of the locations excavated, along the short side of a building foundation, the youngest part of the occupation layer could be dated to 400 AD and was over two metres deep.

2009: This year’s excavation in Uppåkra takes place between 2 June and 15 August. Among other things the investigation of the burned building will continue.

Free guided tours of the area from 28 September to 15 October 2009; Every Mon, Tue, Wed at 14.00, Thu at 17.30 and Sun at 13.00.


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